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Anderson County Library Board

The Anderson County Library Board, which supervises Briceville, Clinton, Norris, and Rocky Top Public Libraries, holds regular monthly meetings. These meetings are held at 4:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month (except December). Meeting places rotate between the four libraries and Clinch River Regional Library in alphabetical order: Briceville, Clinch River Regional Library (in Clinton), Clinton, Norris, and Rocky Top.

The Anderson County Library Board is comprised of Trustees. Trustees are appointed by the Anderson County Commission and serve three-year terms, beginning in July.

Current Members:

Upcoming Library Board Meetings:

  • February 21: Norris
  • March 21: Alex Haley Farm
  • April 18: Rocky Top
  • May 16: Briceville
  • June 20: Clinch River
  • July 18: Clinton
  • August 15: Norris
  • September 19: Rocky Top
  • October 17: Briceville
  • November 21: Clinch River